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Create and print IATA Air Waybills, manifests, dangerous goods declarations, labels, bills of lading. And create and transmit eAWBs/FWBs/Cargo-IMP messages.

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  • No installation required
    when using Web AWB Editor
  • Easy to use
    on screen forms are simple and similar to the paper forms
  • Flexible
    all field are free text so you are not forced to use pre-set options
  • Prints AWB and DGD forms
    prints the IATA AWB and DGD forms on blank paper
  • Pre-printed AWB forms
    prints AWBs on pre-printed forms with a dot matrix printer
  • eAWB/FWB/Cargo-IMP support
    easily create and transmit messages to the airlines

About AWB Editor

AWB Editor is an easy to use program to create and print various air freight related documents. It can print AWBs both on pre-printed forms using a dot matrix printer and on blank paper using a laser printer. And also supports other documents such as manifests, dangerous goods declarations, barcoded labels and bills of lading.

Ready for the new times AWB Editor can create and transmit eAWB/FWB/Cargo-IMP messages. Electronic forms in AWB Editor are similar to the paper forms making the transition really easy.

Sample output

Web AWB Editor

Web AWB Editor is the latest version of AWB Editor that runs on web browsers; it requires no installation and it can be used from any computer where an internet connection is available.

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You can try Web AWB Editor with a single click, without having to install anything or register.

You can register if you wish, this will make it possible to log in again and access your saved data and if you decide to start using the service you can do it with that account.

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Web AWB Editor can be used in two modes:

  • Pay as you go where you only pay for what you use. The charges are calculated based on the documents that you print or transmit
  • Unlimited where you pay a fixed rate and you can print and transmit(*) as many documents as you wish

* additional fees may apply, view fees for more details

Desktop AWB Editor

The classic version of AWB Editor which runs as a standard desktop application, it is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux. It can run without access to the internet.

Try it now

You can try AWB Editor and test all its features before deciding to purchase it. Download the installer, run it and AWB Editor will be ready to be used, no additional setup is required.

View uninstall instructions here. MacOS users read this.


The desktop version fees are based on the number of workstations/installations from where the program is used. Fees starting at $150/year.

View all fees here